planning my run this weekend…

i feel like all i have time to think about is running these days. planning my runs, thinking about what i’m going to wear, making sure i drink enough water during the days, getting enough rest, amping up my playlist, making plans that revolve around my running (instead of running around my plans)….

so i have 15 miles to run on saturday. i am debating where to run it. the most i’ve ever run is obviously 13.1 (for my half marathon), so this is somewhat daunting, but i’m excited to challenge my body and prove to myself that i’m in better shape than i was during that half. i’m going to try out those gu energy gels this weekend, to see if that helps, because i’m sure i’ll need something around the 10th mile. i’m also debating whether or not to buy a water belt to run with….. since 15 miles without water is a long way to go.

these are my two route options to run … both 15 miles. what do you think?



thanks for listening.


what do you think?

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