fall goals

so autumn’s my favorite season. usually mid-august (ie now!) i start getting the itch for the fall… the cooler weather, the crispness, the eeriness of late afternoon, the way it gets dark out early but you still have a full night ahead of you. my favorite holiday is halloween (who doesn’t love pretending to be someone you’re not while consuming piles of candy?!)…

having said all that, i want to make three goals for the fall (starting september 22, of course):

1) dress more fashionably. don’t spend money on random purchases, really focus on building my wardrobe to reflect my personal style.

2) unless the weather is terrible, don’t run on the treadmill. i’ve been running until the treadmill shuts off, but that does no good for my outdoor marathon in hilly san fran.

3) take 1 day each week to myself to just CHILL OUT….. alone. i feel like i’ve been going a million miles a minute this past month, and my head is spinning. my body’s exhausted and not just from all the running!

so there you have it…. think i’ll follow through??

also… i came back from work off the path yesterday and lookie who hooked their bike up to mine… stalker 🙂


what do you think?

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