happy birthday to the original muskrat

happy birthday to one of my best friends in the world, cassidy. cassidy and i have been friends since high school and despite her moving to california for college, we’ve become even closer! i make at least two trips a year out to the west coast to see her (and i’m not complaining, who needs an excuse to go to santa monica?!)she’s a breath of fresh air- a fashionable, realistic, and fun-loving girl who knows how to kick back and relax but who can give you straight-up advice when you need it. and let me tell you, she’s living proof that you can take the girl out of jersey, but you can’t take jersey out of the girl – she knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself! she’s the best.

one thing most people don’t know: she has wooden paddles for hands.

cassidy, i know you’re reading this – I LOVE YOU DEARLY, AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY NEXT VISIT TO CALI TO SEE YOU!

welcome to 25 šŸ™‚

a trip down memory lane………….

my latest trip to visit cassidy in palm springs, in may…

the usual suspects, having dinner when cassidy’s family moved to northern new jersey

yoga in malibu, off the pch… rain doesn’t stop this muskrat

shopping in malibu, winter of 2011

visiting our friend doug in san francisco in december 2011

cassidy’s birthday in nyc… i hope her 25th is full of face-stuffing limes after tequila shots.

before cassie went to occidental in LA, she went to guilford for a year, which was in north carolina. we took this picture on a road trip, visiting a friend at virginia tech.


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