and today i learned my lesson

at 8:30am this morning, i get a call from the hoboken parking authority telling me that my car has been towed. i had outstanding tickets, i was parked in an emergency zone, and my registration was expired.


so i panicked and realized that i had to present a registration and driver’s license in order to have my car released – easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? nope. i don’t have my registration or license, because i left both at a bar a few months ago. my super awesome boss let me leave to take care of this “situation,” which is ALSO wonderful, because i had plans to go to a concert with Lu in the city after work (the xx at terminal 5!)

the following steps took place:

1. took the subway back to hoboken
2. biked to my apartment, got all of my forms of  ID, and changed into some comfortable clothes i could sweat in (because conveniently, it’s about 95 degrees with the humidity today)
3. biked back to the subway and took it to journal square
4. went to the DMV, got my license and registration
5. took the subway back to hoboken
6. biked to the hoboken parking authority and presented my documents to get my car released
7. biked all the way to the other side of town to get to the tow yard and get my car
8. put my bike in my trunk and reparked my car in a tow-free zone
9. biked to qdoba, got a naked burrito bowl for lunch
10. biked to starbucks and set up shop

now here i am, in starbucks on 3rd and washington…. about to finish up my work for the day so that i can head to the subway around 5:30 to meet Lu …. can’t wait to relax and have a good time, especially after this hellish day.

but hey… i learned my lesson. i’m not above the law. and hoboken will come around and bite me in the ass if i don’t follow the rules.

new registration & license: $70
tow release fee: $80
parking tickets: $277
feeling ready to turn over a new leaf with all of my shit together: priceless.


what do you think?

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