what a lovely tuesday night

last night, my mother came to hoboken for massages and dinner. we got our massages (mine wasn’t that great – i don’t like a male masseuse, i’m uncomfortable the whole time so i can’t really enjoy it) and then walked to this great new cuban place aptly called “the cuban” and had some delicious grub – grilled spanish octopus, guacamole crabmeat, wine, cava, and my mom got a delicious looking paella and i got this salmon with a great tomatillo sauce.

after dinner, i met lu and some of his friends at the new beer garden that opened up on one of the piers on the hudson. very cute spot – greatly little hanging lights, beer trucks, etc. my roommate ended up coming for a beer. it was such a nice night out… i ended up biking back to lu’s and waking up this morning to torrential downpours but luckily the rain stopped by the time i had to bike back home.

really getting my money’s worth out of the bike! tonight is mumford & sons in hoboken out by pier a on the water with some friends. can’t wait, i’ve never seen them live and i’ve been a fan for a while! going to get some drinks beforehand and enjoy the evening…


what do you think?

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