wake forest .. hottest guys?

coulda’ fooled me. my best friend and i SCOURED wake forest every weekend for hot men and never saw anyway. but apparently… wake forest is #1 when it comes to good lookin’ dudes.


on another note… i leave after work today to fly to chicago to run my half marathon. it’s finally here! i ran 11 miles in the city last night, so i feel more confident. i’m excited to see chicago for the first time, spend some quality time with the mom, and prove to myself that i can complete a half-marathon. plus, it’s great training for my FULL marathon in october… which is less than 2 months away – AH!

happy weekends everyone…. wish me luck!

i leave you with this random picture of my brother’s dog when she was a baby, found on my iphone:


One response to “wake forest .. hottest guys?

  1. I am so happy that you posted about this ranking — because that is the exact same reaction I had when I read it. Not quite sure why everyone and their mom is posting it being excited about Wake’s rankings. No offense to the Wake men — #1 in terms of awesomeness, maybe, but best looking? Perhaps things have changed in the 3 years since we left Wake….

    love you boo boo. maybe we were just too picky.

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