frozen yogurt

scene: lu and i hanging out on tuesday night, full from fish tacos. time is 10:21pm.

me: let’s get fro yo

scene: i google the nearest froyo place, find out it closes at 10:30pm

me: i need my fix.
lu: we’re going to have to bike there to make it in time. and we have to make the decision right now.

scene: lu starts a 15 second countdown and makes the final decision to go. we run downstairs and i sit on the back of his bike and we get to the froyo place, successful at 10:28pm.

we ate the froyo so fast, we kept getting brain freezes. well, lu mostly because he shovels all food into his mouth at an incredible, record-breaking pace … like it’s his last meal. or his first meal in 5 days. evidenced by this instagrammed shot of him mid brain freeze:

also, i bought a frozen yogurt/ice cream machine today online at williams sonoma. #addicted


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