brooklyn weekend

great weekend. on friday night, i had a surprisingly delicious dinner at anthony david’s in hoboken with lu. woke up and ran 11 miles on saturday. cleaned my room and then decided to go to brooklyn with my roommate… and tourguide lu.

really loving brooklyn these days. it’s just very different, a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city and the homogenous-ness of hoboken. the perfect fusion between hoboken and nyc, i think. i went in with lu and my roommate, kel, who has never been to brooklyn before. we went to smorgasburg in williamsburg (a bunch of hipster food vendors and a cute beer garden in the middle of it all) and then went to la esquina for guac and beers, met with my friend from middle school, amanda. good to see her. after that, we went to this brazilian place and met up with a few of lu’s friends.

we ended up at marlow & sons, having a very indulgently delicious meal. my friend jen met us there. after that, we went to a nearby bar and ended up rocking out to tunes in jen’s car and came back to hoboken.

enter sunday. after sleeping in until 1pm, lu and i had brunch in hoboken. I spent 2 hours on the phone with united airlines to sort out my chicago trip. went to the gym for an hour. then, lu and I went to see savages in jersey city. awesome movie, I recommend it. definitely gruesome, but great acting and awesome camera angles and landscapes. laguna beach, how can you beat it?  came back to his place so I could watch true blood on HBO and we ordered takeout.

now I’m at work. and just looked at the weather for this weekend – it’s going to be HOT in Chicago. I’m really nervous about running the race, but I am excited to see the city for the first time and to push myself. I need to stop taking the race so seriously and accept that it’s my first race, first time as a ‘runner,’ and it’s okay if I don’t run fast or I have to walk some of it. I leave friday after work and I come back late sunday night. more updates to come…


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