chef jen

so my friend jen lives in jersey city. i met her while on vacation in panama (the country not the spring break city)… tres exotique! she works for a restaurant/menu consultancy company in the city and works food network food shows and is basically an aspiring chef. she has an interview with anthony bourdain and others this saturday to try out for an ABC cooking competition show and wanted me to try her creation. OF COURSE I SAID YES….

although i had to eat mine without the bacon, she made a lobster/sweet potato roulade on top of a squash mash with this avocado/greek yogurt sauce on the side topped with a cilantro chimichurri. it was awesomely delicious, of course.

afterwards, we watched the showtime show “the real l word,” because my middle school best friend amanda is a cast member. it’s very weird to see her on the TV, but i’m excited to follow her in the show. it’s a reality show about east and west coast lesbians. tune in.. thursdays at 10pm, showtime.

AND THEN, i realized i didn’t have my car key when i was in the parking garage in her building. after walking around for 15 minutes to FIND my car, i realized i had left the key in the ignition, unlocked. i’m such a ditz sometimes. 🙂

today is my rest day from marathon training, because tomorrow i have an 11 mile run (eek!) …. going to have a chill night in, get some things done, maybe go see a movie with Lu. hope everyone has a great weekend!


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