i’ve been running around like crazy… literally

i mean, life is just what you make of it, isn’t it?

recap. friday i got out of work early (3pm), got a haircut in the city – it’s way too short, but whatever so is life, shopped around a bit, and then met Lu outside my apartment to go see Ted (the movie) in Hoboken…. i sit on the seat behind him and he bikes me around, it’s pretty cool actually. i should really get a bike! movie was SO hilarious, better than expected. came back, made dinner, hung out.

saturday i woke up late…. then ran 9 miles. yup, on the treadmill. 9 miles. wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. then, i drove home to bville for my sister’s graduation party. i was EXHAUSTED and i really can’t be drinking (my half marathon is in TWO FREAKING WEEKS!), so i was kind of a lame-o… made my guacamole. slept in my parent’s bed.

the first 75% of sunday was awful. woke up in the morning, dropped $300 on nike running gear (hey, i need it!) – shorts, shirts, etc. then, i drove to the Apple store, because my phone stopped charging (because i dropped it in the pool last weekend bagh) …. two hour wait for a genius bar appointment. SO, i go shopping. find the cutest pair of shoes on sale at nordstrom… let’s just say they were over $150. go to the bathroom. leave the shopping bag on a hook. walk to qdoba to get a quick bite to eat… and realize i left the bag there. run back to the bathroom. SOMEONE HAD ALREADY SNATCHED IT. then, i go to my genius bar appointment and realize i have to pay $150 for a new iphone because it’s water damage. needless to say, i was dejected. i left the mall, drove to hoboken, went to the gym, cooked up a feast for my friends on the rooftop… ate dinner with them while they played cornhole and such. then, i went over to Lu’s and i watched True Blood, because he has HBO and AC and i have neither of those, i think i may have mentioned before haha.

that gets us to today, monday. worked. got 4 miles in and 20 minutes on the bike. feeling stronger, my endurance is definitely picking up. two weeks until showtime.

i grocery shopped, feeling ambitious. decided i finally wanted to make italian tuna meatballs. so i did. i wanted to treat myself for all of the hard work i’ve been doing with running and i did not spare a drop of olive oil or parmesan cheese haha. it took about an hour and a half. but i did it. a jamie oliver recipe i had read about. i altered it a bit… but here it is:

from scratch italian tuna meatballs with whole wheat spaghetti, zucchini, and homemade tomato parsley sauce

next time, i’ll do it with pesto and i’ll probably bake the meatballs, it’s easier. and maybe add more pine nuts.


what do you think?

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