another iphone lost

ugh. hot mess… literally, a hot, sweaty mess. it’s SO hot in new jersey right now and the humidity is stronger than a jacked-up guido’s biceps. yesterday was GREAT – my roommate and i (for those of you who weren’t there) threw a july 4th party in our apartment/on our rooftop. it was “great success!” (if you don’t get that borat reference, shame on you).

woke up late after spending the night at the hoboken beer garden on tuesday. walk of shamed in heels. went for a quick workout. came back and cooked up/prepared a feast – roasted veggies, roasted corn bean with avocado salsa, my famous guacamole, vegetable quesadillas (george forman for the win!), roasted sweet potatoes, and sauteed cajun shrimp. SO MUCH FOOD. my sister came over with her boyfriend and he assembled our newly purchased grill. THANKS BEN!

after that, keleigh got the keg up to our fourth floor walk up apartment somehow. i showered, got ready quickly, and people started showing up. what a blast. such a good crowd, just friendly people looking to socialize and enjoy america’s proudest day. i cooked up all the food half way through and it went in a flash…

my parents and grandparents (yup) came at around 8pm with champagne, just in time for the fireworks! the fireworks were beautiful and we had an awesome view from our rooftop – unobstructed!

then i woke up this morning. at 6:45am. realized it was my internal clock waking me up, not my iphone as usual. panic. realize i don’t have my phone. check the rooftop (which looks like a scene from the hangover right now)… nothing. check my apartment… nothing. clean my entire bedroom … nothing. i was playing music on my brand-new-$100-sony ipod dock through my iphone. and someone must have taken it at the end of the night, since i left it on the rooftop with the other 75 people there. BUMMER. how am i supposed to run 9 miles on saturday without music?! without my spotify playlists?! AHHHHH.

anywho. i’d love to be anywhere but at work right now…. and i have to clean my crazy messy apartment. and all my photos from the party are lost 😦 so sorry for this text-y blog. best part about today: TOMORROW IS FRIDAY.



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