happy happy friday

helllllllo lovelies. today is friday, what a joyous day.

i bought mumford & sons tickets for august 1st in hoboken – they’re having a concert on the pier. i’m PUMPED. i’ve loved mumford & sons for a while now and i’m excited for some outdoor live music (another bucket list item checked off!)

last night, i cooked for my friend and i (a mexican roasted spaghetti squash with spiced shrimp and sauteed avocado- a recipe i created myself) and then we hung out on the rooftop last night with my roommate and my friend jenna. listened to the ipod dock and had a nice evening with some wine to help. we realized how AMAZING our july 4th rooftop party is going to be, due to our AWESOME view. i’m counting down the days!

my plans…. i’m going home to chill by the pool with my parents on saturday and then come back to hoboken area on sunday to watch ITALY play SPAIN in soccer. pretty pumped about that and glad i still have my green and reddish nail polish in support.

everyone enjoy their weekends!


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