just call me irish exit ali

a weekend recap in instagram… saturday i woke up and attempted to run 7 miles (failed at 6) and then met my sister, her boyfriend, and my mom in nyc for a healthy lunch at josie’s and then headed to duke’s across the street for some drinking. after that, met a friend and hung out for a few hours… left and went to charrito’s for a quick mexican dinner, then to maxwell’s for some live music, then the w hoboken for some classy partying, and then ended the night at 4am at mcswiggan’s. danced my heart out with my roommate. QUITE.THE.NIGHT.

sunday i went and met my friend for brunch at la bouche cafe in hoboken and had some great greek yogurt with granola and fruit. really cute spot. after that, we went into williamsburg (in brooklyn) which is quickly growing on me and met up with one of his friends. we walked a little around brooklyn flea and then went to whiskey brooklyn to watch italy BEAT england with a few more of his friends. a cool spot and definitely fun to watch italy win in penalty kicks. i mean, afterall, i painted my nails for the occasion 🙂 after that, we went to the radegast hall & biergarten. really cool spot, had the BIGGEST beer ever and some delicious potato cakes, cheese, and pretzel. not the healthiest, but yum yum. after that, we all took a cab to SoHo and hung out on my friend’s friend’s rooftop, grilled out and met some more cool people.

then i irish exited. total fail, ugh.

luckily, i used a sick day today to recollect myself and slow my roll. slept until 1:30pm, did my laundry, cleaned my entire apartment and grocery shopped for the week. looking forward to a relaxing week and getting back on track with my workouts….. this marathon training ain’t no joke!


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