money money money moneyyy moneyyyyyy

what I’ve realized in my 25th year, is that I am extremely irresponsible with money. I have no conception of it, really, and I don’t do a great job of managing it (man, if only my ex-boyfriend could read my blog now, he’d be so proud.. or most likely say “I told you so” like a jerk). I never look at my bank account- probably once every 2 months at the most.

last night, I went out with a friend and spent $100 on dinner and didn’t even think twice. but to be honest, although the food and company was amazing and I’m glad I got to see an old friend, I rather put that $100 towards a trip, which is what I love to do most. and also, I’m 25 and live paycheck to paycheck, like the best of us.

so, because I couldn’t sleep this morning when I woke up (slightly hungover), I built a spreadsheet, outlining all of my expenses and then scrolled through my last bank statement. what I found out was pretty eye-opening. I could be saving $300 a month EASILY while having $1,500 at least in discretional spending a month. Instead, the numbers show that I have more like $400 in discretional spending (after the $300 saving). that’s an insane margin.

having said that, I’m loving life right now and having a lot of fun – and that is of course, unquantifiable. but anyway, being the pizza-bagel I am, I would love to see some higher numbers in my checking account.

here’s what I’ve assessed I need to do to reach my goals – and I’m making a boring post about this, because it’s my blog and I want to be held accountable for it and have a record…

–          No more Starbucks: $89/month

–          Cancel my SECOND gym membership: $77/month

–          Stop using ATMs that aren’t Chase/BankofAmerica: $30/month

–          Sell my car (which my dad is willing to do for me): $350/month

–          Pack my lunch to work: $180/month

Grand total savings comes to: $726.00 – and that’s not even including my spontaneous clothing/shoes purchases!

Crazy right – give it a shot, I think you’ll blow your own mind. or maybe you don’t have my problem?


what do you think?

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