so much to say

first off, went to boqueria last night in flatiron with an old friend. awesome, delicious, cool ambiance. tapas and nyc = my ideal good time. highly recommend it. got super crowded after happy hour, so then we went to zio right down the street (on 19th) and food was great there too, nice little find. drank too much wine and ended up taking off my heels once i got to hoboken and walking back to my apt (woke up with dirty feet and didn’t have time to shower – whoops, sorry coworkers!)

tonight is my friend KO’s birthday and getting the best cuisine for a celebration – MEXICAN. or, the best cuisine ever. baja in hoboken, never actually been, but walked past it a zillion times.

tomorrow i’m riding the LIRR (shoot me!) to go to the Belmont Stakes and “watch” some horse racing…. aka wear a fancy hat and drink outdoors. afterwards, hoping to remain functional and meet up with a friend who is in town from california …… sunday, i’ll probably be dead, laying on hoboken beach, tanning my weekend beer belly…. or by a pool. oh yea, and TRUE BLOOD starts on sunday. as does my marathon training. eek….

and those are my weekend plans, for those who care.

NOW, i’d like to make a few life comments, in the form of MEMEs (because they’re all the rage)…




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