happy 79th & other tidbits

weekend was good – the weather was BEAUTIFUL (aside from the freak rain storms on sunday evening)… laid out on hoboken beach on saturday with friends (attempted to read 50 shades of grey but keep finding better things to do)… scrubbed my kitchen floor for 2 hours and did other productive things on sunday, including driving home to bernardsville to my parents’ house for my grandpa’s 79th birthday celebration. yummy food and quality family time. also did two loads of laundry πŸ™‚

friday and saturday night i stayed in hoboken and hit up the usual haunts…. just really nice to take it easy and stay in NJ. i’m definitely getting the nyc itch, so looking forward to making it in this week….

and i just realized spotify posts everything to facebook unless everytime you log-in, you click private session. SO, sorry to everyone who has to see that pop up on their news feeds – i have music ADD. πŸ™‚

here are the only two shots from this weekend – my grandparents on sunday and waking up saturday morning, debating whether or not to get out of bed before 10…..


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