vent sesh

i hate to be negative, but… this world caters to small-chested women. it’s really unfair. and nothing furthers this point more than bikini season. god forbid i don’t want to wear a harness on the beach but i also don’t want to wear nipple tassles and have a superbowl-janet-jackson moment.

so, a friend sends me this website and along with it says “ali, look – you can search by body type and they have a ‘full bust’ section”. immediately, i’m hesitant, but i give it a shot – because i love my friends and i know they love me.

… the first bathing suit that comes up under that criteria (full bust) is:

really? REALLY?!  i might as well be on a nude beach if i’m going to wear that in public.

ugh. so, i’ll continue to wear heinous, mis-matching bathing suits, because my mother cursed me with the chest of a breastfeeding woman.

woe. is. me.


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