Day #26: thing you love to do most

30 day blog challenge

last time i answered this question, i said sex. blunt i know, but it’s my blog, so i’m allowed to be honest, right?

while that’s still the thing i love to do most, i’m going to change my tune to …. traveling. if you don’t know by now, i travel a fair amount (especially considering how little money i have). nothing really makes me happier than seeing a new place, experiencing the different culture, cuisine, possibly language, and architecture.

trips taken so far this year:

  • panama city, panama
  • florida twice (sarasota, west palm beach, palm beach, singer island)
  • savannah, georgia
  • los angeles, california
  • london, UK
  • indianapolis, indiana
  • north carolina twice (winston-salem, greensboro, burlington)

trips left for this year:

  • dewey beach, delaware
  • westport, massachusetts
  • san francisco, ca

there are many more in the pipeline…


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