“i’m a proud elon sister”

or so the stickers said!

so my baby sister felicia graduated from elon this past saturday. i am very proud of my little jazzy fizzle. i was happy to see her college (it’s gorgeous!), meet her friends, and spend time with her. i wish she had spent her freshman year there (she transferred) so that we could’ve been together in NC during college, but it all worked out for the best!

got in late friday night. slept. woke up early (6am!!) on saturday for graduation. sat through graduation. took pictures. went out to lunch with her friend’s family, drank some wine. had frozen yogurt (loyo) with cinnamon toast crunch, oreos, and something else chocolately on top – white chocolate macadamia nut flavored yogurt. went back to the hotel, napped. went out to dinner in greensboro and then drove back to elon and i stayed out with my sister at her sorority’s party. very interesting to see how elon kids party. and funny to be back in a frat scene. i had a lot of fun, ate a million cake pops (O.M.G. keep those away from me, they’re fantastic).

my grandma, with my grandpa, with a “i’m a proud elon grandparent” sticker on her back. married for more than 50 years and still inseparable…

funny enough, one of my best friends from high school was at elon graduation, because her younger brother was graduating as well!

woke up at noon on sunday. did some errands with felicia and then she drove me to the airport where i continued to read “fifty shades of grey”… which is basically a soft porn novel, but of course, it’s amazing. really enjoying it. took some awesome pictures outside my window:

got back late sunday night and made myself shrimp and broccoli:


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