day #?: favorite date place

30 day blog challenge

ohhhhhh dates.

there’s a few 

– canyon road on the upper east side

– central park boathouse – the outside bar/patio mainly

– aria wine bar in the west village

– rare view lexington (a rooftop bar in murray hill/kip’s bay area)

SO, i’m flying to north carolina after work today to go to my sister’s graduation at Elon! haven’t packed, have no clean clothes, need to do my nails, find a dress for the event, and get my sister a graduation gift. currently, it’s 7:18am, i have to leave for work in 30 minutes, and i’m not dressed – just waiting for my coffee to brew.

panic mode?

this is me, at my graduation from wake forest three years ago, with my best friend for life (who i will be seeing next weekend yayyyyyyy)…..


2 responses to “day #?: favorite date place

  1. I love my boo!!! Ducks 4 Life!!

    Get ready to take Dewey Beach by storm. Can you believe this pic was taken 3 years ago?!? Life, please slow down a little bit — Can’t wait to see you!

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