palm springs

i mean, california is just gorgeous. the weather is ideal, everyone’s fit, healthy, and active. THERE’S SOY MILK EVERYWHERE! it’s just a utopia of sorts… having said all of that, i still love NYC more – BUT! doesn’t mean i can’t appreciate other places. and as always, it’s great to see cassidy (missed you, muskrat!)

basically, the weekend consisted of laying out in the sun, driving with pretty views, and eating/drinking. we went to this great mexican restaurant that jose garcias recently opened and it was delicious.. but that’s not saying much, because i love any and all mexican cuisine…

sunday i spent mainly in santa monica and i bought my first pair of lululemon spandex – and by gosh, these things are INSANELY comfortable. you feel like you’re not wearing pants. no seriously, i had to look down a few times to check. they’re $98/pop, but hey, you only live once…..

the flight back was MISERABLE, because it was delayed by 2 hours due to some water problem on the aircraft. so, i barely slept and i got to work 2 hours late…. still haven’t brushed my teeth (gross!)

some pictures:


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