i do apologize…

… for not blogging.

my roommate alerted me of the situation on gchat this morning:

so let’s catch up on the week:

monday: my friend jenna’s 24th birthday at bin14 in hoboken. lots of wine. a delicious dessert sampler – i highly recommend the molten lava cake and s’mores (for those pyros out there)..

tuesday: my mother came to hoboken for dinner at madison. spent the night gabbin’ with her.

wednesday: ordered takeout (sushi!) with my roommate and a manfriend (hehe), facebook stalked, and failed to clean my bedroom.

thursday: met said manfriend at marc forgione restaurant in tribeca which was awesome. really cool venue, fun ambiance, delicious food (honestly, i even loved this carrot soup thing in a shot glass)…. awesome nook booth.

in summary: i spend way too much money on food. time for an austerity period.

so today i fly to LAX after work to meet up with my friend cassidy in santa monica. we’re going to palm springs/indian wells on saturday with some of her friends – SO excited to see her and California.. and see a beach. and the sun. and be by a pool. and be away from new jersey (although i love you, jerz). be jealous….


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