happy to be alive.

this weekend was the craziest i’ve had in a while. pretty quintessentially nyc. let’s do a little play-by-play with the help of instagram…

friday. #londunion … my friends from when i studied abroad made the trek up from DC & over from london to relive our glory days. dinner at buddakan (uh, amaze!), dancing at the gansevoort, meatpacking-style. lost my leather jacket (thankfully eventually found by my friend)…

saturday. didn’t get out of bed until 12:30pm…. made it to brunch with the londunion group at betel in the west village. absolutely appalling service. the worst i’ve ever had in any place in the world. uncanny almost. but still good times with good people. parted ways. met up with my roommate in union square, went shopping (found some awesome par-tay dresses!) got ready and went back to the meatpacking to 675 hudson and took countless tequila shots to celebrate our friend jenna’s birthday (wahoo!) wore a mustache, a sombrero, lost my WALLET and my leather jacket AGAIN….  came back to my apt, realized i didn’t have my keys, slept outside on the ground, then my neighbor invited me in around 5:30am, slept on her couch (never met her before), then went to my friend’s down the street, slept on their couch until my roommate got home, around 10amish…. walk of shamed myself.

sunday: hoboken street festival. met with my friend jen and her two friends at madison bar and grill in hoboken. had a delicious sesame chicken salad (hold the chicken, of course – add the shrimp!)… walked down washington street to look at all the trinkets. bought this awesome pacifico beer bottle opener ($25)…..  met up with someone at “hoboken beach” (the grassy pier on the hudson) and hung out… saw giant cruise ships porting in manhattan…. left and met back up with the girls… went to farside bar and listened to some live music, chilled outside. had dinner at mikie squared with two people we met at the first bar. had a delicious veggie wrap. parted ways with the girls. realized i left said bottle opener at the first bar, went back… nada.. sunday night, my friend bill calls me. he had his car towed and impounded in hoboken (he parked overnight and didn’t realize about the street festival). came over to charge his iphone for 20 minutes so he could get on a train later to go home. sorry, buddy! …..

so that’s that…. quite the jam packed weekend. so much fun! what’s set for this week? hmmm…. stay tuned 🙂


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