wine tasting class

last night after work, i met my friend caroline in tribeca for a wine tasting class at new york wine vintners. we had bought a groupon and wanted to take the “bad ass reds” class, but ended up taking “bad ass rose” (ya know, the sweet pinkish wine). i’m not a big rose fan, but it was still a super fun experience. and man, they really pour you that wine.

also, walking past one world trade center and looking up, at night time, is breathtaking. ny really is a gorgeous city.

the paintings on the wall of this venue were so cool, i almost bought one (and they ranged $500 – $3000!)… good thing i didn’t taste TOO much wine. i guess in my old age i’m starting to appreciate art. i’m also obsessed with colorful, artistic depictions of fish…. i snapped a couple pictures of some of the pictures hanging on the wall…

21 warren street between church and broadway – ny wine vintners.. check it out!



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