30 day blog challenge

i did two of these in the past, but never finished them. i figured it would be fun to do one now that, you know, i’m 25 and it’s 2012!

i present the questions…. i’ll post on day 1 later today…

Day1: What food item/meal could you eat everyday for the rest of your life?
Day2: Two things you wish you could tell your most recent ex.
Day3: Favorite TV show, of all time and currently.
Day4: What you want to do before you die.
Day5: Favorite place in the USA.
Day6: Favorite alcoholic drink.
Day7: The movie could you watch over and over again.
Day8: Your dream job.
Day9: Favorite book and what you’re currently reading.
Day10: Where are you from.
Day11: Your favorite date place.
Day12: Describe your siblings.
Day13: Someone you miss the most.
Day14: Someone you love.
Day15: Favorite store.
Day16: Your view on soulmates.
Day17: Celebrity crush.
Day18: Favorite band/singer.
Day19: The place/activity that relaxes you most when you’re stressed.
Day20: Favorite quote.
Day21: What your crush/bf/gf looks like.
Day22: What you look for in a person.
Day23: Your best friend, and why?
Day24: Person who knows everything about you.
Day25: Last time you cry and why?
Day26: Thing you love to do most.
Day27: Favorite Boy name and why?
Day28: Most recent concert.
Day29: Your most memorable birthday celebration.
Day30: Your biggest insecurity.


7 responses to “30 day blog challenge

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