it’s hard to make this look glamorous….

using instagram to take pictures of your food with dim apartment lighting is tricky. not so glamorous.

but alas, i’m keeping up with my promise! below are my teriyaki vegetables with shrimp lettuce wraps. these puppies, while not photogenic, are really delicious.

here’s how i make them:



– 1/4 pound of rock shrimp
– 1 head of bibb lettuce
– salt, pepper to season
– olive oil or PAM to sautee with
– a mix of vegetables, chopped small (i used yellow bell pepper, zucchini, red onion, squash because that’s what was left over in my fridge)
– teriyaki or stir fry sauce
– soy sauce


OK. put two burners on medium/high heat. put two sautee pans on each one. put the olive oil/PAM in the bottom of one. add in your chopped vegetables. season with salt & pepper and sautee for 3-ish minutes. then, put the olive oil/PAM in the bottom of the other sautee pan. add in the rock shrimp. salt & pepper and sautee.

after about 5-8 minutes (until the shrimp is basically fully cooked), put everything together in one of the sautee pans. then, add in a smidge of stir fry/teriyaki sauce (that’s the fattening delicious stuff, so if you want to be healthy – just put a few dabs) and then add soy sauce to make it saucey. sautee all together for another minute or so.

pour the teriyaki vegetable/shrimp mixture into a bowl and plop down on the table with your head of bibb lettuce and a spoon. scoop some of the veggies & shrimp into the bibb lettuce (like a cup!) and enjoy!

WARNING: because these are ‘saucey,’ make sure you have lots of napkins.

if you want to beef it up, i’ve made it with small asian noodles or brown rice. just make that separately and add it into the sautee pan at the end to mix it in with the teriyaki/soy sauce.


what do you think?

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