hump day update

i love weekday mornings when i wake up early enough to make my own coffee, have a mini breakfast, and do a quick flip-through of my social media and online news usuals – gawker, huffington post, cnn (cnbc if i’m feeling smart), espn, and then….,, and nyc bar stool sports. then on to social media: twitter, instagram and maybeee facebook… a bit of a diverse array, but it keeps me well informed on all accounts, don’t you think?

also, i watched david letterman last night because michelle obama was on and i realized – a) she’s gorgeous b) she’s just like me! and c) she uses the phrase “you know” way too much. youtube her letterman interview, it was odd. oh well, she’s still got killer arms… not like me 😦

RANDOM: i want to get a bike for the summer. and these raybans:


warning: posts might get emotional and all-over-the-place this next week. aunt flo punched me in the face when i woke up, if you know what i mean.


what do you think?

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