CKO kickboxing

i’m such a sucker for these daily deals websites. ever since i found out that you can get a brazilian wax for $20 through lifebooker, i haven’t stopped. got a $100 haircut in the meatpacking for $37.50…. my latest purchase: CKO kickboxing voucher – 5 classes and a free set of boxing gloves for $49. now that’s a DEAL! time to get bikini ready?

also, in the spending spirit, i booked another trip with my united credit – to LOS ANGELES to go to palm springs, california with long-lost-love cassidy. i can’t wait for the warm weather and pampering – and of course to see cass, my favorite muskrat (ok, enough inside jokes on my public blog). desert and snow-capped mountains all in one? yes, please! still have $900+ left on the united credit….. where else should i gooooo? and anyone want to travel?


what do you think?

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